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Los Campesinos!: No Blues

Los Campesinos!: No Blues- Los Campesinos! have always been bursting at the seams with chaotic, lovelorn indie-pop. Though, since their wide-eyed debut, Hold On Now, Youngster, that chaos has become more controlled and refined with each release. Their latest full-length No Blues continues that trajectory with positive results. Picking up where they left off on 2011′s excellent, Hello [...]

Joanna Gruesome: Weird Sister

Joanna Gruesome – Weird Sister: Looks like Joanna Newsom is the latest celebrity victim of eponymic abuse, following the likes of such stars as Charles Barkley, Tom Cruise, Ringo Starr, Elvis, Bon Jovi, and countless others. The culprits: a noisey Cardiffian fivesome by the name of Joanna Gruesome. While the name may be somewhat rue-some, [...]

Belle & Sebastian: The Third Eye Centre

Belle & Sebastian: The Third Eye Centre- In the Urban Dictionary definition of twee, the site refers to Glaswegian indie group Belle & Sebastian as “The Beatles of twee.” It makes sense; the group has been in the game since 1996 and has had plenty of time to establish a sound all their own. Their [...]

Camera Obscura: Desire Lines

Camera Obscura: Desire Lines — Camera Obscura has a clear sense of self at this point in their career. Over the course of five albums, they have gone from Belle & Sebastian proteges to chamber-pop experts, growing more refined and confident with each release. Their favoritism towards sounding timeless over sounding cool has saved them [...]

Allo Darlin’: Europe

Allo Darlin’: Europe– I have always had an affinity for strong female singers; you can blame the feminist in me; and it is that fact which initially attracted me to this band. Based out of London, Elizabeth Morris, Paul Rains, Bill Botting, and Mikey Collins make up the indie pop quartet: Allo Darlin’. Lead singer, [...]