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Owls: “I’m Surprised…”

In support of their thirteen-years-later sophomore album, Two, Owls has released a video for “I’m Surprised…” (Dir. Todd Mattei). Tim Kinsella’s lyrics are like talking to the most brilliant kid in a smoke circle: non sequitur, absurdist, and profoundly piercing. Not so much cryptic as they are idiosyncratic, his words are complemented by the tightly [...]

Lyla Foy: Feather Tongue

In Lyla Foy‘s new official music video for ‘Feather Tongue’ (directed by Oscar Hudson), she is the eye of a soft summer storm. Her self-mixed and produced instrumentals slowly unfurl around her even-keeled voice. Both musically and visually Foy is a gentle-yet-keen observer. Shot in an abandoned chapel in south London, Foy herself is woven [...]

Rollergirl: Eve (ft. Harris Cole) VS Premiere

If you’ve never heard Rollergirl‘s interpretation of the nu disco movement, you’re in for a unique experience. Aside from the obvious love of Linda Blair’s roller disco classic Roller Boogie, Rollergirl dives deep into disco, adds a dash of flair and style, and comes out with something as fresh as can be. His new EP, [...]

Adeyhawke: Disco Idalium (Official Video) VS Premiere

Very little has happened since Adeyhawke‘s phenomenal Girlfriend Records debut, Kodachrome Sundae. That changed recently when he broke his silence on Soundcloud with ‘Disco Idalium’, a track destined to be released on an upcoming compilation (TBA). It picks up where his EP left off, proving that his unique synth wave-inspired break-beat style wasn’t an anomaly. From start [...]


Moving audiences with their unique combination of throwback electro-clash, and French sensationalism, SOLDOUT continues to rock the scene and push the boundaries by announcing that their first ever visit to the United States will be at SXSW 2014. Best known for their songs ’94’ and ‘Wazabi’, SOLDOUT has taken a pretty simple formula and perfected [...]