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We’ve never had to post a Commenting Policy before because frankly, we didn’t deem it necessary. This has been a point of contention with some commentators who’ve expressed disappointment that their comments have been deleted. One common complaint: “If there’s no commenting policy, how do I know when I’ve violated it?” And also: “NAZIS!!!!!!!”

The reason we haven’t posted an official commenting policy until now is because there wasn’t one. If there were, it’s rules and regulations would be based primarily upon common sense. But some of the comments that have been deleted in the past didn’t specifically violate any of these unwritten rules. Upon reflection, our editorial board has agreed to provide some commenting taboos that may be unique to We hope that in the future this post will serve as a starting point for those wondering why their comments have been removed.

So, let it be known that a comment may be deleted if it contains one or more of the following words or phrases:

1. “Inside job”

2. “Ron Paul”

3. “Ayn Rand”

4. “n00b”

5. “Chaplin may be the popular choice, but I have to say I prefer Buster Keaton”

6. “Crapple”

7. “Shoehorn polish”

8. “Comcastic”

9. “Sheeple”

10. “Linux”


12. “Where my bitches at?”

13. “By the same token”

14. “Talk to the hand”

15. “The face don’t understand”

16. “You go, girl”

17. “You go, gurl”

18. “You go, girlfriend”

19. “MeeGo, girl”

20. “You Go-Gurt, Gygax”

21. “TCBY, beholder”

22. “Saving throw”

23. “Bag of holding”

24. “Thanks, but I’ll stick with 3.5”

25. “Backward compatibility”

26. “Obamacare”

27. “Don’t tread on me”

28. “Keep on truckin’”

29. “Sarah PAC”

30. “Judd Nelson”

31. “Hitler”

32. “I’m not even on Facebook”

33. “Building 7”

34. “:)”

35. “:(“

36. “:p”

37. “:D”

38. “{-.-}” (Asian with sideburns)

39. “You’ll probably delete this”

40. “Big pharma”

We appreciate your feedback.

Date Posted: 09 Feb 2011 @ 12:20 PM
Last Modified: 19 Mar 2011 @ 06:14 PM
Posted By: thelittlefield

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