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Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love — You’ve undoubtedly heard by now of Perfect Pussy, whether you plumb blogspot music boutiques or Spin magazine. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the blistering live show, heard arguments of the implications of their gendered/ungendered punk, and as a latecomer to the party (and you the late reader) I feel [...]

Let’s Wrestle: Let’s Wrestle

Let’s Wrestle: Let’s Wrestle- If Let’s Wrestle aren’t already the men you’ve grown to love, soon you may have a change of heart. With a gnarled paintbrush in one hand and a brimming cup of caffeine in the other, the lively Londoners paint particularly drippy watercolor pop-rock songs inspired by Eddie Argos’s school of mundanity-inspired outsider [...]

Each Other: Being Elastic

Each Other: Being Elastic – This is Each Other‘s third album to date, and I have to say, I’m rarely so bewildered on the first listen. The first thing through the door is an alienating bass ditty straight out of Black Dice’s electronic experimentations, but before the weird hits the swelling point, it mellows out [...]

Warpaint: Warpaint

Warpaint: Warpaint – Up until a week ago, when I heard the old crotchety complaint of “Where did all the guitar groups go?” I’d instantly point in the direction of Warpaint‘s debut The Fool. They relied on no garage fuzz or excessive soloing or anything like that, just intensely beautiful and complex riffs, and a damned [...]

Xiu Xiu: Angel Guts: Red Classroom

Xiu Xiu: Angel Guts: Red Classroom – Well now, Xiu Xiu‘s latest release Angel Guts: Red Classroom… where to begin? A quick discussion of context will prove both educational and emotionally preparatory before dipping into such bleak waters. And I do mean bleak, even for Xiu Xiu. The album takes its name from the second film in the Angel [...]