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Schwarzenegger’s Career Comes Back From The Evil Dead

Today I’m featuring 3 excellent videos from past, present and future releases… Past: Gauntlet Hair released this video with a little help from ol’ Hollywood. Yep, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s entire movie career can pretty much be summed up in this one video for Top Bunk. Present: Teeel‘s University Heights references multiple movies from the 80s: Everything [...]

Teeel: University Heights

Teeel: University Heights– Teeel is an electro dream pop artist from New Jersey. After I first heard Teeel’s Amulet last year, I admit that I wasn’t super impressed with it. I liked it, but I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Then I kept listening… this is where Teeel gets you. The beauty [...]

Mr. Lewis and his News

I’m not sure what it is about a Back To The Future marathon that seems to always catch my attention. Maybe its the scientifically impossible coming to life, or the bad overdubbing of cuss words to less offensive phrases like,’Holy Geez’, but I always stop and watch every minute of them if I can. Then [...]