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Tim Kasher: Adult Film

Tim Kasher: Adult Film- Calling Adult Film “Tim Kasher’s midlife crisis album” would be like referring to Nevermind as “Nirvana’s angst album” or the latest Will Ferrell movie as “the one where he yells a lot;” midlife crisis is Kasher’s style. Whether he’s penning songs for his main creative outlet, Cursive, his first stab at [...]

An Afterparty with Cursive

Kicking off the North American leg of their tour, Cursive headlined the after-party for Chicago’s Wicker Park Festival on Friday July 27 at Subterranean. Everyone seemed to hold a smile and a cold beer, except the several younger under-21 audience members sprinkled throughout the venue, with bold black X’s marked across their hands and an [...]

Violent Films With Happy Endings

A few things have been happening lately and though most of them are violent, there is a happy ending… Ski Lodge only had 4 songs on their debut EP, but they’ve already released a second video for it. It gets a little gorier than you’d think… Cursive‘s latest record was received with mixed reviews although [...]

Cursive: I Am Gemini

Cursive: I Am Gemini– Cursive are a post punk band from Omaha, Nebraska. For the last few years, Cursive have been experimenting with lots of different elements and instruments trying to find their niche. Surprisingly, nearly every combination they’ve tried has worked remarkably well. First they added cellist Gretta Cohn on 2001′s Burst And Bloom [...]

Cursive: I Am Gemini (Preview)

Cursive has been around for about 17 years now and every couple of years or so, they reliably put out a new record. Aside from their last record, Mama, I’m Swollen, each has been as remarkable as the last. Recently, they announced they’d be releasing I Am Gemini, their 8th full-length, on February 21st. According [...]