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Cold Cave: Full Cold Moon

Cold Cave: Full Cold Moon - As Cold Cave, Wesley Eisold’s sophomore effort, Cherish the Light Years, was a surprising direction for the coldwave standout–the synth-driven noise experimentations seemed to be completely left behind in favor of a straight 80′s synthpop/dance aesthetic. The debut Love Comes Close certainly had that strain of pop within it, but mingled between tracks [...]

Profile: ÆON RINGS

It’s no secret that 80’s infused synth-pop is making a comeback. Increasingly danceable synth jams have appeared and faded into the background. ÆON RINGS stands out from the crowd as synth-pop with a dark edge, a gritty sound that is at the same time catchy and gothic. We recently got the opportunity to sit down [...]

The Faint: Doom Abuse

The Faint: Doom Abuse – Fifteen years ago, a group of Omaha twenty-somethings invented a new subgenre of synth punk that was equal parts spastic, violent, horrifying, and sexual – a Cronenbergian cocktail which remains nameless due to its inability to be replicated by anyone but its foremen, the five-man multi-media project called The Faint. [...]

Profile: The Deathless

We currently live in a day and age where there is no longer an easy way to classify music when it comes to genre. There are so many different sub-genres and artists these days usually tend to mix anywhere from two to twenty different variations on these sub-genres in their sound. Somewhere between new wave [...]