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Honeyblood: Killer Bangs

Honeyblood’s music video for their single ‘Killer Bangs’ is a lesson in simplicity. Like an idling summer drive through the neighborhood, both fast and lulling, the tune has a warm intensity. The video (Dir. Nicola Collins) has a DIY-feel to back up the duo’s noise pop sound. Shot in black and white and alternating between [...]

Netherfriends: New Chi-T

Netherfriends — New Chi-T: Remember that time Sufjan Stevens joked about writing an album based on each of the ol’ Red White & Blue’s 50 states? Well Shawn Rosenblatt, known in basements, rooftops, and bars all over Chicago as Netherfriends, took that idea seriously. He may not have been quite ambitious enough to write a whole [...]