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Walrus: Glam Returns

Walrus: Glam Returns – With Glam Returns, Walrus take their place among groups like Temples, who are quickly forming a solid forefront to today’s neo-psychedelia/bordering on dream-pop. The deceptively brief EP spans only four tracks, but with a good spread of moods, from Saturday morning dreaming to a dreary, Sunday morning, stay-at-home languor. Opener ‘Banger’ rips space [...]

Elephant: Sky Swimming

Elephant: Sky Swimming – It’s a bit difficult for a breathless, light-hearted indie pop album to turn heads nowadays, after the cresting of Cults and their cadre, but Sky Swimming succeeds on the strength of the sterling production, and also genuinely surprising moments that sprang, perhaps, from the record’s lengthy incubation. Listeners were first introduced to Elephant through [...]

Halls: Love to Give

Halls: Love to Give- Rolling in on a tranquil wave of sparse guitars and haunting vocals, the sophomore album by Halls gently takes course.  This album is grandiose in the humblest sense of the word.  With glittering guitars, echoing keys, organs, synths, wind and brass instruments, Halls’ Love to Give takes the listener on a sweeping [...]

Fiance: EP1

Fiancé: EP1 –There is nothing quite like a house show. The cramped basement reeks of sweat and cigarettes but there are red cups everywhere and everybody is dancing and having a great night. A special sense of closeness flows through the soundwaves. Everyone is there for the same reason and you feel at home in [...]

Zoo Brother: Gemini Girl

Zoo Brother: Gemini Girl – Zoo Brother is out for your summer’s blood. The distortion is dialed down to the slush of the beach, the cymbals shrunken to gentle tinkles like Christmas lights over beer gardens, and the voice of William Karmis is a constant belting chorus, like one-man bar-hopping. Everything is geared to seize [...]