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Dreems: Clouds Above

In the world of electronic and synthwave, it may seem like a daunting task to try and set yourself a part from the vast array of talented artists out there. And yet, electronic producer DREEMS manages to do so so seamlessly with his hazy brand of electro-pop that transports you to another realm as you [...]

Cold Cave: Full Cold Moon

Cold Cave: Full Cold Moon - As Cold Cave, Wesley Eisold’s sophomore effort, Cherish the Light Years, was a surprising direction for the coldwave standout–the synth-driven noise experimentations seemed to be completely left behind in favor of a straight 80′s synthpop/dance aesthetic. The debut Love Comes Close certainly had that strain of pop within it, but mingled between tracks [...]

The Notwist: Run Run Run

  The Notwist: Run Run Run – The Notwist are having a good year, musically speaking. On the heels of Close to the Glass comes their 12”, released on Record Store Day this year and offering more of their deftly crafted indie pop plus two remixes of two excellent tracks from their most recent LP. [...]

Mkaio: The Devil Lived

Mkaio: The Devil Lived- After having been so pleased by Mkaio’s earlier 2014 release, Stars • Snow, I decided to check out their latest compilation entitled, The Devil Lived. Firstly, the thing that I appreciate most about Mkaio is the sense of concept, using digital and sampled recordings which play into the theme of the [...]

Lust For Youth: International

Lust For Youth: International –With dreamy sound bites, exhilarating beats, and an ‘80s vibe, the band Lust For Youth has created something wonderful with their album International. The band, from Copenhagen, Denmark, includes members Hannes Norrvide, Loke Rahbek and Malthe Fischer. With just ten tracks on the album, Lust For Youth is able bring back the [...]