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Cold Cave: Full Cold Moon

Cold Cave: Full Cold Moon - As Cold Cave, Wesley Eisold’s sophomore effort, Cherish the Light Years, was a surprising direction for the coldwave standout–the synth-driven noise experimentations seemed to be completely left behind in favor of a straight 80′s synthpop/dance aesthetic. The debut Love Comes Close certainly had that strain of pop within it, but mingled between tracks [...]

Goliad: Inevitability

Goliad: Inevitability – Goliad is Devlin Miski, a Bay Area musician of 19 years, and an ambitious talent with his sights set on immersive soundscapes. Inevitability marks his second release this year, the first being the remarkably energetic and lush beat tape, Gavin’s Middle Name, issued under the moniker lequoia. In comparison, Inevitability is a gentler [...]