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Devendra Banhart: Mala

Devendra Banhart: Mala — Psychedelic indie folk charmer Devendra Banhart is presenting a new album this month, the first since the 2009 release of What Will We Be and the artist’s debut on Nonesuch Records. Mala is a hazy quirk of a record with lo-fi production that fits Banhart’s style. The tracks mix  classical sounding acoustic [...]

Paper Pilots: Paper Pilots EP

Paper Pilots: Paper Pilots EP –  I’m not sure if there’s a secret to writing catchy melodies. But if there is, L.A.-based Paper Pilots definitely know it. The songs on their debut EP are so catchy, it’s ridiculous. There isn’t a single melody on this four-track album that won’t be stuck in your head for [...]

Bogan Via: Wait Up

Bogan Via: Wait Up- It is splendidly perplexing to try to place Bogan Via into a single category. With just six songs on their new EP Wait Up, they manage to cover everything from pop, to folk, to electronic. It is so delightfully simplistic on the surface and concurrently astutely aware. Bogan Via is a [...]

Frank Lenz: Vacation

Frank Lenz: Vacation- Saying Frank Lenz has a love of drumming is an understatement. Beginning his career as a studio drummer at the young age of 13, Frank has never looked back. Playing in bands including The Weepies, Everest, The Lassie Foundation, Starflyer 59, and countless others, he is also accredited with producing and recording [...]

Laura Marling Live In Chicago

Laura Marling’s show at The Athenaeum on Tuesday, June 19th was, simply put, stunning. Her voice’s strength, her songs’ intensity and her clever blend of instruments are just as amazing live as they are recorded with a stage presence that gives you a significant feel for her (I know that’s a standard expectation, but I’ve [...]

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