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Cloud Cult: Unplug

Cloud Cult: Unplug – Cloud Cult has been one of those not-so-secret secrets among the indie crowd for a long while. Their eclectic arrangements, painted performances and shifting album structure have built them a following garnering everything from amusement to awe and making them a mainstay in the great indie collective. Strip away their quirk, [...]

Snowmine and Small Black at Schubas

New Yorkers, I’m a little jealous of you. Snowmine and Small Black were at Schuba’s on the 5th as they swung by Chicago on tour, and both put so much energy and panache into their respective shows that I forgot for a moment it was a Sunday evening. Snowmine brought their A game, launching into a striking [...]

Gardens & Villa at Schubas

Anyone who has gotten the chance to attend a concert at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, knows how much of a treat it is. A perfectly sized venue, just intimate enough were you feel completely immersed in the overall experience and last Saturday, I got the chance to get up close and personal with the indie pop group Gardens [...]

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin at Schubas

I know that summer officially started some time last week, what with June 21 being the summer solstice and all, but screw that. For me, summer really started last Monday, a.k.a. the day Springfield-based indie pop outfit Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin made its way to Chicago. The show they played last Monday night [...]

The Kickback at Schubas

Last Friday night, before going out to see local Chicago band The Kickback perform live at Schubas, I had checked out their stuff, and it was good. But now, having seen them live, I can genuinely say that this isn’t a band that you can get a feel from by simply listening to a few [...]