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Cold Cave: Full Cold Moon

Cold Cave: Full Cold Moon - As Cold Cave, Wesley Eisold’s sophomore effort, Cherish the Light Years, was a surprising direction for the coldwave standout–the synth-driven noise experimentations seemed to be completely left behind in favor of a straight 80′s synthpop/dance aesthetic. The debut Love Comes Close certainly had that strain of pop within it, but mingled between tracks [...]

Pompeya: Night EP

Pompeya: Night EP — How often do you come across a Russian indie pop band? My guess is not very often at all! Today I present to you Moscow-based pop-fueled four-piece Pompeya, and their latest EP Night: Four tracks of 70′s disco/80′s new wave pop. Consisting of members Daniil Brod, Denis Agafonov, Sasha Lipskiy, and Nairi [...]

Parallels at The Hotel Café

Navigating the streets of Hollywood on a Saturday night is not easy, to ridiculously understate it. There are literally thousands of people clogging the streets, from all walks of life, heading to all manner of places. Most are headed to stand in long lines to pay to stand in longer lines to buy a drink, and [...]

Say Hi: Endless Wonder

Say Hi: Endless Wonder- The 80′s were a time of transition in the music scene.  With the developments of new technologies, sounds, beats and musical landscapes were being forged that were never before possible.  But yet, even with the technological progressions, many musicians, it seemed, weren’t able to always get the desired effect they were [...]

The Horrors: Luminous

The Horrors: Luminous- The Horrors, from picturesque Southend-on-Sea, England succeed once again in their experimentation with genre with their fourth album release Luminous. Consisting of lead vocalist Faris Badwan, guitarist Joshua Hayward, keyboardist/synthesizer Tom Cowan, bassist Rhys Webb, and drummer/percussionist Joe Spurgeon, move slightly away from the gloom that characterized their previous albums, focusing more on electronic [...]