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Whales: Size and Scale

Whales: Size and Scale - Both the title of the band and the album imply something large, something substantial, and that is exactly what has been created. What’s interesting about this album is how small and simple the origins and the ideas of these songs appear to be. “You don’t appreciate me as much as you [...]

Passenger Peru: Passenger Peru

Passenger Peru: Passenger Peru – Every once in a while, we stumble across the album that will be the island paradise of our lives, at least for a week or two. Passenger Peru‘s self-titled debut (ah, it makes for unexpected rhyme; a good omen)  was and is that album for me; I climb in as [...]

Graveyard Drug Party: Paint Your Teeth

Graveyard Drug Party: Paint Your Teeth – Punk albums normally don’t make it far through my screening, but when they’re cut with as much noise-filth as this, how can one resist? Graveyard Drug Party is a Warsaw-based group of lo-fi aggressors favoring sped-up, de-tuned surf riffs with a drummer who plays like he’s watching ten [...]