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Elephant: Sky Swimming

Elephant: Sky Swimming – It’s a bit difficult for a breathless, light-hearted indie pop album to turn heads nowadays, after the cresting of Cults and their cadre, but Sky Swimming succeeds on the strength of the sterling production, and also genuinely surprising moments that sprang, perhaps, from the record’s lengthy incubation. Listeners were first introduced to Elephant through [...]

Brooke Candy: Opulence

Brooke Candy‘s video for her single ‘Opulence’ (dir. Steven Klein) shoves the punch down your throat with a diamond encrusted manicure… And the punch is excellent, if not a little bloody. A rapper with absurdist taste, Brooke Candy’s newest video explores the idea of 21st century opulence through a deliciously murderous lens. The quality itself [...]

Haunted Hearts: Initiation

Haunted Hearts: Initiation – It was back in 2012 that the Dum Dum Girls/Crocodile offshoot Haunted Hearts first came into public view, a collaboration between husband and wife pair Brandon and Dee Dee Welchez born out of back-and-forth dedications and the overlap of some deeply rooted but not oft-indulged bleeding sounds. ‘Something That Feels Bad Is [...]

The Mercy Beat at The Echoplex

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of seeing The Mercy Beat live in Los Angeles at The Echo, an intimate venue where one can see a variety of bands and DJs on any given night. The Mercy Beat is the new endeavor by The Bravery frontman, Sam Endicott. While comparisons will certainly be made, [...]

Michael Jackson: Xscape

Michael Jackson: Xscape — It’s been almost 5 years since the King of Pop left his earthly throne. It’s no secret that Michael Jackson’s entire legacy has been plagued by a myriad of controversies, even posthumously. Still, there’s no denying MJ’s innate ability to turn even a room full of squares into amateur dance revolutionaries. [...]