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Wovenhand: Refractory Obdurate

Wovenhand: Refractory Obdurate – Wovenhand has been just under the radar for years now, and it almost seems like they’re trying to keep it that way. Born out of a side project, the group has survived through its metamorphosis, playing with techniques and influences, doing more than enough to keep them interesting though perhaps too much [...]

WTCHS: It’s Not a Curse, It’s a Cross!

WTCHS: It’s Not a Curse, it’s a Cross! – Is it improper to look beyond an EP to the live show it represents? Not that It’s Not a Curse, It’s a Cross! is a bad release, it’s just a case of animals able to be animals only in the wild. WTCHS by now have quite a following [...]

The Horrors: Luminous

The Horrors: Luminous- The Horrors, from picturesque Southend-on-Sea, England succeed once again in their experimentation with genre with their fourth album release Luminous. Consisting of lead vocalist Faris Badwan, guitarist Joshua Hayward, keyboardist/synthesizer Tom Cowan, bassist Rhys Webb, and drummer/percussionist Joe Spurgeon, move slightly away from the gloom that characterized their previous albums, focusing more on electronic [...]

Graveyard Drug Party: Paint Your Teeth

Graveyard Drug Party: Paint Your Teeth – Punk albums normally don’t make it far through my screening, but when they’re cut with as much noise-filth as this, how can one resist? Graveyard Drug Party is a Warsaw-based group of lo-fi aggressors favoring sped-up, de-tuned surf riffs with a drummer who plays like he’s watching ten [...]

Xiu Xiu: Angel Guts: Red Classroom

Xiu Xiu: Angel Guts: Red Classroom – Well now, Xiu Xiu‘s latest release Angel Guts: Red Classroom… where to begin? A quick discussion of context will prove both educational and emotionally preparatory before dipping into such bleak waters. And I do mean bleak, even for Xiu Xiu. The album takes its name from the second film in the Angel [...]