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WTCHS: It’s Not a Curse, It’s a Cross!

WTCHS: It’s Not a Curse, it’s a Cross! – Is it improper to look beyond an EP to the live show it represents? Not that It’s Not a Curse, It’s a Cross! is a bad release, it’s just a case of animals able to be animals only in the wild. WTCHS by now have quite a following [...]

Walrus: Glam Returns

Walrus: Glam Returns – With Glam Returns, Walrus take their place among groups like Temples, who are quickly forming a solid forefront to today’s neo-psychedelia/bordering on dream-pop. The deceptively brief EP spans only four tracks, but with a good spread of moods, from Saturday morning dreaming to a dreary, Sunday morning, stay-at-home languor. Opener ‘Banger’ rips space [...]

Woods: With Light And With Love

Woods: With Light and With Love – Woods are back with their follow-up to 2012’s Bend Beyond and all is right in the world. Renowned for their inability to not release a record every year, With Light and With Love comes off the heels of an uncharacteristically quiet 2013, a time presumably spent working to [...]

Unicycle Loves You: The Dead Age

Unicycle Loves You: The Dead Age – Four albums in, Unicycle Loves You is a very different band from the one that cut the 2008 self-titled debut. It’s hard to believe they used to sound so clean, spent so much on grooming services, and used *gasp* keyboards. On The Dead Age, the trio continue with the lo-fi [...]

Each Other: Being Elastic

Each Other: Being Elastic – This is Each Other‘s third album to date, and I have to say, I’m rarely so bewildered on the first listen. The first thing through the door is an alienating bass ditty straight out of Black Dice’s electronic experimentations, but before the weird hits the swelling point, it mellows out [...]