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WTCHS: It’s Not a Curse, It’s a Cross!

WTCHS: It’s Not a Curse, it’s a Cross! – Is it improper to look beyond an EP to the live show it represents? Not that It’s Not a Curse, It’s a Cross! is a bad release, it’s just a case of animals able to be animals only in the wild. WTCHS by now have quite a following [...]

Unicycle Loves You: The Dead Age

Unicycle Loves You: The Dead Age – Four albums in, Unicycle Loves You is a very different band from the one that cut the 2008 self-titled debut. It’s hard to believe they used to sound so clean, spent so much on grooming services, and used *gasp* keyboards. On The Dead Age, the trio continue with the lo-fi [...]

Woodsman: Woodsman

Woodsman: Woodsman – Before their third full-length album, Woodsman had made the move to Brooklyn from Denver, a city sitting among forests, which figured heavily into their previous recordings. Maybe you can feel the shift in locale on the self-titled Woodsman; I had the impression of beginning in the woods and ending up elsewhere, a [...]

Warpaint: Warpaint

Warpaint: Warpaint – Up until a week ago, when I heard the old crotchety complaint of “Where did all the guitar groups go?” I’d instantly point in the direction of Warpaint‘s debut The Fool. They relied on no garage fuzz or excessive soloing or anything like that, just intensely beautiful and complex riffs, and a damned [...]

Ty Segall: Gemini

Ty Segall: Gemini – What we have here is a demo version of Ty Segall‘s 2012 album Twins, which, in Ty Segall’s case, means a bit more than your average B-side collection. Why? Because we’re talking about the man whose band (Fuzz) is named for his favorite sound (fuzz). How high would you jump for [...]