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Future Death: Special Victim

Future Death: Special Victim - Austin-based punk/noise quartet Future Death is set to release their forthcoming album on May 27 via Bloodmoss Records. A short 10-track album, the sound Future Death brings is noisy, upbeat and fast-paced but somehow still remains constructed. Better known as a genre of controlled and organized chaos, Future Death claims to [...]

Howler: World of Joy

Howler: World of Joy- One thing I’ve never understood about Howler has been the music press’ tendency to want to compare them to the likes of The Strokes. The rowdy group out of Minneapolis have always had a much grittier, raucous tone that makes The Strokes look rather polished and tame. The guys of Howler [...]

Buildings: ‘Gold’ (VS Premiere)

Regardless of genre, it’s safe to say that the Minneapolis music scene has contributed a great deal of undeniable talent over the years. You’ve got your folk heroes, pop mainstays, rock legends, etc. And now, twin cities natives, Buildings, are making a name for themselves in the world of punk music. With their unique brand [...]

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love — You’ve undoubtedly heard by now of Perfect Pussy, whether you plumb blogspot music boutiques or Spin magazine. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the blistering live show, heard arguments of the implications of their gendered/ungendered punk, and as a latecomer to the party (and you the late reader) I feel [...]

Skating Polly: Fuzz Steilacoom

Skating Polly: Fuzz Steilacoom – 13-year-old Peyton Bighorse and 9-year-old step sister Kellie Mayo are relatable in their origins. They were a couple of kids who dreamed of becoming rocks stars – and didn’t we all. The difference between them and us of lesser gods is that these multi-instrumental would-be rock stars actually took to [...]