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Mother Falcon: MF Computer

Mother Falcon: MF Computer – Just that Mother Falcon has appropriated OK Computer’s title and stamped their own initials over the front end of it is properly audacious, but stick with me – this is one of the most interesting things I’ve heard all year. Mother Falcon performed all of their OK Computer cover live as [...]

Jessica Lea Mayfield: Make My Head Sing

Jessica Lea Mayfield: Make My Head Sing – A word to the wise: do not fuck with Jessica Lea Mayfield. The musical disciple of Dan Aurebach (The Black Keys), Mayfield’s new album Make My Head Sing doesn’t rely on the bluegrass convention of her youth. Instead, these 10 hard-rocking tracks are guaranteed to intimidate and [...]

Cloud Cult: Unplug

Cloud Cult: Unplug – Cloud Cult has been one of those not-so-secret secrets among the indie crowd for a long while. Their eclectic arrangements, painted performances and shifting album structure have built them a following garnering everything from amusement to awe and making them a mainstay in the great indie collective. Strip away their quirk, [...]

Odonis Odonis: Hard Boiled Soft Boiled

Odonis Odonis: Hard Boiled Soft Boiled – Have you heard the one about the sexually-unhinged shoegaze band who suffered a mid-life crisis and launched themselves into space? No? Well it’s called Hard Boiled Soft Boiled and it comes from a group of Torontonians renowned for their effortless ability to clear a room full of wimps [...]

Haunted Hearts: Initiation

Haunted Hearts: Initiation – It was back in 2012 that the Dum Dum Girls/Crocodile offshoot Haunted Hearts first came into public view, a collaboration between husband and wife pair Brandon and Dee Dee Welchez born out of back-and-forth dedications and the overlap of some deeply rooted but not oft-indulged bleeding sounds. ‘Something That Feels Bad Is [...]