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Landmarks EP Release Show at Schubas

On the heels of the digital release of their self-titled EP, Chicago dream pop act, Landmarks, took to the stage at Schubas Tavern to share the results of their hard work with their local fans. The indie pop group had recently graced the stage at said venue during the Tomorrow Never Knows festival in January [...]

Landmarks: Landmarks EP

Landmarks: Landmarks EP- Now I would never say that we like to play favorites here at Violent Success, but I can say that we’ve definitely had our eye on the dream pop group, Landmarks out of Chicago. After opening a sold-out show at Lincoln Hall, these guys have been getting quite a lot of buzz, [...]

Let’s Wrestle: Let’s Wrestle

Let’s Wrestle: Let’s Wrestle- If Let’s Wrestle aren’t already the men you’ve grown to love, soon you may have a change of heart. With a gnarled paintbrush in one hand and a brimming cup of caffeine in the other, the lively Londoners paint particularly drippy watercolor pop-rock songs inspired by Eddie Argos’s school of mundanity-inspired outsider [...]

St. Vincent: St. Vincent

St. Vincent: St. Vincent- The duality of man is fascinating. It’s safe to say that most people at some point in their lives have struggled with a darker, more aggressive part of their personality that rarely sees the light of day. If you’re Dexter Morgan, then your “dark passenger” gets the best of you. Fortunately, [...]

Happy Diving: Happy Diving

Happy Diving: Happy Diving - Are you missing melodrama in your life? Do you miss the times when everything felt like a big deal, when everything in your life felt like you would be a character in a film? I say film because I wasn’t smart enough to be a character in a novel, but you [...]