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New Canyons: Everyone Is Dark

New Canyons: Everyone is Dark — The Chicago music scene these days seems to be comprised mainly of DJ’s, the occasional promising punk band, Chance The Rapper, and more DJ’s. Obviously that is a pretty big overstatement, but it gives you the picture that New Canyon’s brand of synth-pop isn’t the most common in their hometown. [...]

Dinosaur Bones: Shaky Dream

Dinosaur Bones: Shaky Dream – Canadian-indie rockers Dinosaur Bones return with their anticipated new album, Shaky Dream, a follow up from 2011’s My Divider. For their second full-length album, Shaky Dream combines angsty ’90s drone, cinematic guitars, indie-rock and savvy electronica. After leaving Montreal and residing in Toronto, vocalist/songwriter Ben Fox, along with drummer Lucas Fredette, [...]

Coloured Clocks: Nectarine

Coloured Clocks: Nectarine - A common question for a band is “How did you come up with your name?” or “What does your name mean?” In the case of Coloured Clocks, the answer appears to be quite clear – “coloured” for the psychedelic spectrum through which the band delivers the melodies that surround the listener, and [...]

Dråpe: Canicular Days

Dråpe: Canicular Days -  Hey everybody, canicular means pertaining to a dog. You know, like a canine. For years I thought it was actually spelled K-9 like the classic Jim Belushi vehicle or the thing that’s written on the side of cop cars that test Jay-Z’s intelligence. If something is dog-like it can be referred to [...]

No Joy: Wait To Pleasure

No Joy: Wait To Pleasure — To be honest, seeing No Joy live last Wednesday was a big part of why I wanted to review their new album, Wait To Pleasure. For a band that goes by such a dismal sounding name, they’re a lot of fun to listen to, and they played an engaging [...]