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Profile: Soft Lighting

Bryan Cox is Soft Lighting and vice versa. No, not the dreamy particle physicist Brian Cox, the dreamy chill wave pop artist. Perhaps this is why Soft Lighting suits him better and with a sound that conjures images of dimly lit rooms and landscapes, this alias becomes even more appropriate the more you hear it. [...]

Cut Your Hair Away From My Chocolate Malt

Even before Soft Lighting debuted last month, he began releasing a video for every song on his album. I’ve seen a few bands try this, but none have done it as well and as seamlessly as he has. You can find them all here. In case you’re wondering, he recorded this latest video on an [...]

Soft Lighting: Slow Motion Silhouettes

Soft Lighting: Slow Motion Silhouettes– Soft Lighting is the solo work of Kansas City-based artist Bryan Cox. Chill wave has a lot of different forms especially when you’re talking about Soft Lighting. Though this is Soft Lighting’s debut record, there definitely isn’t a particular style that he’s gravitating towards. There’s plenty of chill wave and [...]