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Nightbox: The Panic Sequence

Nightbox: The Panic Sequence-  While America is responsible for some pretty great music, it’s no surprise that the rest of the world has discovered Nightbox before us. The band, originally based out of Ireland with Toronto-born brothers heading the lineup has had great success in both countries, and the United States is next in line. [...]

Tokyo Police Club: Forcefield

Tokyo Police Club: Forcefield - Let me start of with a warning. Every other reviewer of Tokyo Police Club’s new album is probably going to focus on one or all of these three things: the huge gap since their 2010 release Champ, comparisons to their old songs in general and comparisons to all of the music [...]

Running Red Lights: There’s a Bluebird in My Heart

Running Red Lights: There’s a Bluebird in My Heart – For some eight years, Running Red Lights has managed to crash and recede like a folky, acoustically enrapturing wave, creating just enough of a splash to turn heads and then retreating to let the next attention-grabber rip through. Three EPs and a flourish of drama [...]

Animal Parts: Six Arms To Hold You

Animal Parts: Six Arms To Hold You – If you know Animal Parts, it’s probably because you’ve not only heard them but seen them, either in part or in full. Fronted by Toronto music-man Joshua Cockerill, the band has been touring North America with great fervor, and subsequently both the group and their occasionally independently [...]