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Papercuts: Life Among the Savages

Papercuts’ (aka singer/songwriter/producer Jason Quever) self-directed music video for ‘Life Among the Savages‘ explores the kind of universally personal moments of ennui that mean nothing and everything. Contrasting shots of the zoo with intimate moments between friends behind closed doors, these savages are given a vulnerable glow. Jason Quever’s melancholic dream pop instrumentation compliments the mood [...]

Honeyblood: Killer Bangs

Honeyblood’s music video for their single ‘Killer Bangs’ is a lesson in simplicity. Like an idling summer drive through the neighborhood, both fast and lulling, the tune has a warm intensity. The video (Dir. Nicola Collins) has a DIY-feel to back up the duo’s noise pop sound. Shot in black and white and alternating between [...]

Cage the Elephant: Take It or Leave It/Jesse James

A summertime single demands a certain level of optimism in its sound – a track that evokes the quintessential carefree days in the sweltering sun; a sound that Cage The Elephant achieves in their recent single release Take It or Leave It/Jesse James. The band released the single as a 7” vinyl for National Record Store Day [...]

Colleagues: Parent’s House

In Colleagues’ new music video for their single ‘Parent’s House‘, the song title ties it all up into one nostalgic knot. Playing with suburban wistfulness and teenage romance, Colleagues’ promise to “take you to my parent’s house/no one’s gonna be around.” Their cheeky come hither lyrics are paired with sonic playfulness to match. A strong synth [...]

Data Twins: Ava (Official Video) VS Premiere

My favorite thing about synth pop is its tendency to stay with me long after the songs have ended. The first moment I heard ‘Ava’ by Data Twins, I knew I was in for one of those moments. It has all the hallmarks of a great pop song: Memorable vocals/lyrics that speak to the romantic [...]